Now’s the Time to Plan a Quick Start for the Year of the Rabbit

This year, we would like to give our industry friends an earlier warning. We hope you can get a quick start on your Lunar New Year hiatus planning., and who is better to symbolize the advantages of a…

How to Launch a New Product During an Economic Downturn

There’s a lot of chatter back and forth lately about whether we are in a recession or about to enter one. Many commentators don’t like seeing the term bandied about loosely, and for good reason.

Whip Inflation Now, by Looking to Southeast Asia

Children of the 1970s remember the misery of “stagflation,” the stultifying phenomenon of high inflation and economic stagnation. The economy limped along with barely discernible growth, while prices…

Mexico Emerges as a Potent “Near-Shoring” Option

In recent years, numerous companies seeking the benefits of outsourcing to Asia, but in proximity to U.S. markets, have adopted a strategy of “near-shoring.” Analysts have reported 150 percent growth…

As Locked Down Shanghai Re-Opens, It’s Still Business as Usual for Genimex

In Shanghai, which last week opened part of the city’s mass transit network for limited service, businesses got the go-ahead to reopen without explicit permission on June 1.

As Vietnam Reopens, Attention Turns to its Need for Supporting Industries

Last month, Vietnam dropped its quarantine and post-arrival testing requirements for international travelers.

Mixed Economic Signals Make Inflationary Trends Tough to Pin Down

To no one’s surprise, inflation has reached levels many countries haven’t seen for more than 40 years. High inflation had been expected, due to a perfect storm of aggravating factors, each of which…

Companies Should Consider Cambodia in 2022 for Manufacturing

There is a developing trend within the industry to move some consumer products production to Cambodia.

Projecting 2022: Early Struggles, Potential Setbacks, and Eventual Progress

For the last two years, doing business globally has been a Sisyphean task. Every time we think we’ve rolled our product boulder to the summit of the supply chain mountain—past factory shutdowns,…

Update: China Power Outages

Understandably, many of our clients are anxious about China’s September power outages and whether a repeat of those problems this winter could put a few more knots in the already snarled global…

Update: Covid Snarls Global Shipping

Over the summer, it became apparent that COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdowns had tipped a string of dominoes leading to backups at points of departure as well as destinations.

How to Capitalize on Courage and Confidence in the Year of the Tiger

In China, the tiger is the undisputed King of the Beasts, and yet it is the third animal symbol of the Chinese Zodiac.

China’s Energy Outages: Blip or Breakdown?

Towards the end of September, numerous news outlets were reporting on power outages in China and speculating how power shortages might affect the global supply chain, still under stress from COVID-19…

Outsourcing Companies Are Eyeing North America

Today, 20 months into a COVID crisis that interrupted supply chains and shut down markets, business leaders are learning to adapt.

COVID Snarls Global Shipping: What’s Been Happening and What to Expect

If the first few months of the post-COVID, global reopening have taught us anything, it’s not to take the ease of international shipping for granted.

The Sustainable Packaging Movement

Over the last few years, a revolution has been taking place in product packaging, as more companies have become concerned with attracting consumers and building a brand centered on “sustainability.”……

Will Industry 4.0 Produce a Second Taiwan Miracle?

Today, as East Asian manufacturing looks to recover from the global COVID-19 lockdown that suppressed demand around the world, Taiwan is bouncing back strong.

Companies Diversifying their Supply Chain Outside of China

The events of the past year have given many companies engaged in outsourcing their manufacturing reason to expand their supply chain.

As US Presidential Transition Raises Questions of the Ongoing Trade War, China Continues to Maintain Growth

As the United States inaugurated its 46th president on January 20, 2021, market analysts were wondering how a change in administration might affect relations between the world’s first and second…

Analysts Note Rise in Chinese Economy After Positive PMI Report in November

The world’s second largest economy is rebounding from the COVID-19 stagnation that has gripped the globe, according to improvements in the Purchasing Manager’s Index in October and November.

In the Year of the Ox, Prosperity Comes to Those Who Plan for the Lunar New Year

On February 12, we usher in The Year of the Metal Ox, which the Chinese regard as favorable for steady progress.

Preparing for the Post-COVID Future: What Consumer Changes Are Likely to Stick?

Now, as we begin to emerge from the crisis, there are two questions business owners must ask: How did consumer behavior change during the pandemic? And, which of these changes in consumer behavior…

Is ASEAN the Next Global Manufacturing Hub?

These days many market analysts are bullish on the burgeoning economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Will Cambodia Rise as a Contract Manufacturing Hub in Southeast Asia?

As global businesses explore contract manufacturing options outside of China, one previously overlooked country had been gaining interest and momentum: Cambodia.

Why The Future Looks So Sunny for Vietnam

While the economic forecast for most of the globe is hazy, the future of Vietnam appears sunny and fair.

When Should Business Travel to Asia Resume?

All over the globe, nations are taking steps to reopen their economies, while keeping a watchful eye on COVID-19 statistics at home and abroad.

Post-COVID-19, Will Vietnam Be Your Best Outsourcing Option?

If your company has been outsourcing product manufacturing to China, or you have been considering China for contract manufacturing, you must be wondering whether you should keep to your China plan or…

What Effect Is COVID-19 having on South-East Asia Manufacturing?

The COVID-19 outbreak that began in Wuhan, China is having an enormous impact on the global economy, and that impact may continue for months and perhaps years. Businesses that outsource to Eastern…

Overcoming the Challenges of Contract Manufacturing

The advantages of contract manufacturing, commonly known as outsourcing, are many and substantial.

Genimex + COVID-19- Your Concerns Answered

By now, you’ve likely received a lot of emails about COVID-19. Clearly, this pandemic is affecting thousands of lives, and we understand you have concerns regarding your production.

India Manufacturing and What You Need To Know

Since the beginning of the last decade, the government of India has made a concerted effort to shift their nation from a service-oriented economy to a manufacturing base.

Coronavirus Outbreak May Cause Chinese Supply Disruptions Impacting Global Markets

As public health officials struggle to understand, contain and ultimately defeat the virus, companies that rely on Chinese supply chains are wondering how great a disruption to expect.

5 Ways to Protect Your IP in China

If you are planning to do business in China, you probably have concerns about protecting your company’s Intellectual Property.

Is Crowdfunding Right for Your Company?

Crowdfunding has proven to be a viable way for startups to raise funds outside the traditional venture capital or equity investment processes.

Don’t Let the Chinese New Year Disrupt Your Company’s Supply Chain

Starting January 25, 2020, China and other eastern nations will celebrate the Lunar New Year and the arrival of the Year of the White Metal Rat. According to the Chinese Horoscope, this rat is clever…

China Tensions Spur Economic Growth Throughout Southeast Asia

On Wednesday, September 4, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam formally withdrew the controversial extradition bill that had sparked fears of an end to the “one country, two systems” agreement between the…

US-China: Trade War to Currency War

The relationship between the US dollar and Chinese yuan is widely watched. The US and China are the world’s strongest and largest economies and their currencies are closely intertwined.

G20 Summit Brings the US and China Back to the Negotiation Table

At the recent June 2019 G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, the US and China met, each making significant concessions in order to show their willingness to resume trade negotiations.

Southeast Asia’s New Potential – Indonesia

Activities in Indonesia have been making recent headlines. Mobile driven venture capitalists and multinational corporations have sparked interest in investing in Indonesia.

No US-China Agreement Reached, Trade War Escalates

On Friday, May 10th, the US government increased tariffs from 10% to 25% on imported Chinese goods—heightening tariff costs from $50 billion to $200 billion

Vietnam: China’s Plus One

Vietnam’s emergence as a manufacturing hub is gathering momentum. From the seven emerging Asian based countries for manufacturing,

Myth Busting (Part II)- Manufacturing in China adds Risk and Volatility to my Supply Chain

Many brands may feel apprehension when moving their manufacturing to China. It is understandable as there is risk in moving production overseas and adapting to the cultural and work differences.

Busting Myths About Manufacturing in Asia (Part I)

When a brand signs with a contract manufacturer, they are ceding some of their control over to their new partner.

Genimex’ Quick Guide to CNY 2019

The Year of the Pig symbolizes wealth and prosperity; and, to make sure you’re entering the first quarter of the New Year in position to “reap the benefits”—several preparations should be in play.…

Tariff War Initiates a Supply Chain Shuffle—Enforcing the Economic Principle: Adapt and Change.

The trade escalation continues as China set tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. goods after President Trump announced tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods...

Trump’s trade war with China is getting hot.

The U.S. and China trade war escalation continues with new tariffs of 10% on $200 billion of Chinese imports starting yesterday. Let’s rewind back to March. President Trump tweeted that “trade wars…

Types of “Manufacturers” in China

When dealing with overseas manufacturing, you will encounter the following players: trading companies/importers, buying agents, sourcing agents, representatives, wholesalers and factories. Let us…

Manufacturing Consumer Goods in India vs. China

When it comes to choosing the best overseas manufacturer in Asia, two of the most common places for manufacturing are India and China. Both countries have...

China & US Trade War – The Tariff Timeline (2018)

The U.S. bought more than $500 billion in goods from China last year and now is planning or considering penalties on some $150 billion of those imports. The U.S. sold about $130 billion in goods to…

UPDATE: March 22nd, 2018: President Trump Proposes $50 Billion in Tariffs on China

With the United States pulling back into an isolationist and protectionist stance and China extending its reach as a new global economic leader...

This Holiday Kills Launches; Use These Expert Tips If You Want to Survive

Chinese New Year is now over and factories in China are starting to resume business this week. After our blog post from January on the Chinese New Year topic...

How does the Chinese New Year impact Manufacturing?

We are once again at the busiest time of the year for us (December-January), when our clients and potential clients speed up their decision making due to the approaching Chinese New Year holiday.

Worried about your factories in China during the environmental crackdown?

Some of you have probably heard from your agents or factories in China that they were shutting down manufacturing facilities and didn’t know when they would open again.