Don’t Let the Chinese New Year Disrupt Your Company’s Supply Chain

Starting January 25, 2020, China and other eastern nations will celebrate the Lunar New Year and the arrival of the Year of the White Metal Rat. According to the Chinese Horoscope, this rat is clever…

China Tensions Spur Economic Growth Throughout Southeast Asia

On Wednesday, September 4, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam formally withdrew the controversial extradition bill that had sparked fears of an end to the “one country, two systems” agreement between the…

US-China: Trade War to Currency War

The relationship between the US dollar and Chinese yuan is widely watched. The US and China are the world’s strongest and largest economies and their currencies are closely intertwined.

G20 Summit Brings the US and China Back to the Negotiation Table

At the recent June 2019 G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, the US and China met, each making significant concessions in order to show their willingness to resume trade negotiations.

Southeast Asia’s New Potential – Indonesia

Activities in Indonesia have been making recent headlines. Mobile driven venture capitalists and multinational corporations have sparked interest in investing in Indonesia.

No US-China Agreement Reached, Trade War Escalates

On Friday, May 10th, the US government increased tariffs from 10% to 25% on imported Chinese goods—heightening tariff costs from $50 billion to $200 billion

Vietnam: China’s Plus One

Vietnam’s emergence as a manufacturing hub is gathering momentum. From the seven emerging Asian based countries for manufacturing,

Myth Busting (Part II)- Manufacturing in China adds Risk and Volatility to my Supply Chain

Many brands may feel apprehension when moving their manufacturing to China. It is understandable as there is risk in moving production overseas and adapting to the cultural and work differences.