Does Genimex work with early-stage startups?

Yes, we work with both pre-revenue and funded startups. We look for startups that know what they want to do and have a strong go-to-market strategy. Building up a supply relationship with a startup requires a meaningful commitment of time and resources which limits our ability to take on every project.

When should I involve Genimex in my project?

We are open to a conversation at any time. We know that each client is different based on the stage of their project and so we invite you to give us a call to learn more and assess the project accordingly. Typically, we can’t add much value if the project is at a very early market research phase. Our work really begins once the project parameters have been narrowed enough in scope to start discussing manufacturing-related questions.

Do you take on clients that just need design and not manufacturing?

No. We are not a design agency, but rather a manufacturer with strong design and engineering resources. If we design and develop or do DFM work, we expect in good faith that we will be the manufacturer. Design and development projects are project fee-based and broken up into phases. A client can stop a project during development if they decide they do not want to move forward with the project.


How do you charge for your work?

We are a full-serve contract manufacturer, however, our clients come to us at different stages and with different needs. Manufacturing is the long-term objective, and we quote a simple all-in price for the product based on specific quantities you purchase from us. Orders are placed directly to Genimex, and we are fully responsible to deliver those products to you. Other potential costs can include tooling, prototyping, third-party lab testing, sampling, and freight.

How do you charge for design and development?

When a client comes to us, and we determine that significantly more design and development or DFM (design for manufacture) needs to be done to get the product ready for manufacturing, we will charge a project fee cost dependent on complexity, man-hours, and resources needed. We will only take on design projects that are intended for manufacturing with Genimex.

Project Timeline

What is a typical timeline to get to manufacturing?

Each project is very different, and it depends on the scope of the project. Simple sourcing projects can be manufactured in 2-3 months from the start of the project, while highly complex development projects may take between 1-2 years to complete. For that reason, we can’t quote a standard lead time and will have to review each project on a case-by-case basis.

Shipping & Logistics

How do I get my goods from the manufacturer to my warehouse?

If your product is manufactured overseas, you will need to find a freight forwarder to work with to help coordinate the shipping of your product by sea or air. If you are just starting out and have too much on your plate, Genimex can help get your product to your warehouse. To include all freight and duties to your product destination, request DDD pricing during your onboarding. Genimex is unable to facilitate consumer direct deliveries.

Intellectual Property

How do you handle intellectual property?

Genimex understands how valuable IP is to our clients. We have extensive legal agreements and a vetted supplier network that protects our clients around IP matters. Depending on the sensitivity of the IP, we have internal processes to manage projects with heightened sensitivity.

Who owns the new IP?

If a client uses us to complete design and development work that involves Genimex creating new IP, whenever possible we transfer the IP ownership to our clients. Tooling ownership rights belong to the client if they have paid for the tooling.


How does Genimex handle quality control?

Ensuring reliable product quality is one of the most important things we do at Genimex. There is a dedicated team of quality professionals at Genimex that focuses exclusively on managing quality. We have a detailed system of testing, inspection, and audits in place when working with our supplier network. Genimex ensures that each shipment is inspected before shipment.