Here’s What Will Happen When China and U.S. Tariffs Take Effect Friday

And the China vs. U.S.A tariff conversation continues.. What will take place this Friday? Check out this article  Written by GRACE DOBUSH

When mutually threatened tariffs on $34 billion goods come into effect this Friday, China will get a head start on the United States, Reuters reports. Implementation is set to start at midnight July 6 in both countries, which gives Beijing a 12-hour advantage on Washington. President Donald Trump has threatened to increase the scope to $450 billion if China indeed retaliates against his 25% tariff.

The list of Chinese products targeted with U.S. tariffs includes vaping devices, rare earth metals and LED light bulbs. A Reuters analysis found just 1% of the 1,102 categories of products imported from China to the U.S. are consumer goods. The rest are capital or intermediary products, taxed with the intention of making American companies’ supply chains less reliant on Chinese goods.