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Over the last 50 years, Genimex has grown from a traditional sourcing company to a leader in contract manufacturing. Our success comes from a commitment to building trusting relationships with both clients and suppliers by continuously growing our global footprint and expanding our services. We look forward to continuing this tradition of innovation and delivering the very best manufacturing experience for our clients over the next fifty years.


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August 5, 1990
May 17, 2000
August 12, 2009
October 18, 2022

Genimex Through the Years

Genimex is founded by Eli Chitayat in Taipei, Taiwan.
After 30 years of growing Genimex into a leading contract manufacturing company, Eli Chitayat retires.
After growing up in the business, David Chitayat joins the company.
David Chitayat moves from Taipei to establish an office in Shanghai, China to bolster on-the-ground sourcing and integrate on-site quality teams in production.
David Chitayat is named Group CEO and Jonathan Chitayat joins Genimex as merchandising manager for the new branch of Home Appliances.
Jonathan Chitayat is named Greater China CEO, focusing on sourcing from Southeast Asia, expansions in engineering and quality assurance.
David Chitayat moves again, this time to NYC, establishing Genimex’s third office to better serve US-based clients and grow manufacturing in North America.
Genimex opened its office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Genimex marks its 50th Anniversary!
David Chitayat,
Group CEO of Genimex

“My father Eli Chitayat built Genimex, and it is what it is today because of him. With a strong foundation, my brothers and I were able to evolve the company to be innovative, and forward-thinking by continuously investing in our team. Being agile, and competitive was key to the success of Genimex, and the reason why many look to Genimex as a manufacturing partner.”

David Chitayat,
Group CEO of Genimex

Meet the Team

New York, NY

David Chitayat

Group CEO
Shanghai, China

Jonathan Chitayat

CEO, Asia
Shanghai, China

Ling Jiang

Group Finance Director
Shanghai, China

Foley Cai

Director of Design & Engineering
Taipei, Taiwan

Lily Chang

Merchandising Manager
Shanghai, China

Felix Liang

QC Director, Asia
New York, NY

Anna Pappas

Global Marketing Manager
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Benoit Saudrais

Merchandising Manager, Southeast Asia
Shanghai, China

Alan Wang

Quality Director, Asia
Shanghai, China

Maggie Wang

Merchandising Director, China
Shanghai, China

Maryanne Wang

HR & Admin Director
Shanghai, China

Janice Zhao

Sr. Product Development Manager
New York, NY

Yeidy Zorrilla

Sourcing & Project Manager
Shanghai, China

Grace Ren

Merchandising Manager