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Why Work With Us

1. We Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Package & Ship the best Quality Products

We aren’t another “China sourcing agent”, we work with you to bring your product concept to market. All we need is your vision and concept drawing; let us do the rest with our experienced team of industrial designers, engineers, manufacturing pros and graphic designers to fully develop and optimize your product with cost effective materials and processes.

2. Timely Ongoing Support

Each client has a dedicated account manager located in China who can be reached at any time and who will manage the project of making your product concept into a finished quality product delivered to you or directly to your clients on time.

3. In-house Design & Mechanical Engineering for better Quality Products

Our 40 years of experience manufacturing in China has enabled us to build a cutting edge team of engineers and designers who can not only execute your concept drawings but can also offer recommendations of materials and consult on the development of appropriate tooling to make your product concept a reality.

We use advanced technology from CAD to 3D printing to strive for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our culture embodies “out of the box” thinking while making sure it is producible at a low cost and lower risk.

4. Reduce Manufacturing Risk & Costs with no compromise on Quality

Working with Genimex gives you a quick and easy access to our trusted network of manufacturers & suppliers in China. No need to invest time and resources nurturing relationships; we have done it for you for over 40 years to build a world-class network of manufacturers in China across multiple categories with whom we partner to deliver high quality products on time, with decreased risk and at a competitive cost.

5. In-house Quality Control

Whether it’s finding the perfect environmentally-conscious partner or personally inspecting every batch of goods, our team will go one step further to ensure your goals are met.

6. Shipping Services

We deliver quality products on time, with decreased risk and at a competitive cost. We compare freight costs, offer warehousing, shipment consolidation and more to facilitate the final steps in getting your product from our doorstep to yours.

7. We have economies of scale that will improve your supply chain

Genimex has worked since 1974 to build a trusted network of hundreds of manufacturers across many categories. By leveraging our partnerships with manufacturers we have economies of scale that will improve your supply chain.