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Types of “Manufacturers” in China

When dealing with overseas manufacturing, you will encounter the following players: trading companies/importers, buying agents, sourcing agents, representatives, wholesalers and factories.

Let us dive into the different types of suppliers and what differentiates them:

1. Trading Companies/Importers

There are two types of trading companies: the low value-added versus the high value-added trading companies. They typically make money by adding a margin to the cost of the actual production costs, and usually deal with a wider array of product categories. Trading companies have local China offices with a team of project managers that can be helpful depending on the complexity of your product. In addition, they may have great relationships with factories and help with communication in Chinese.
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Manufacturing Consumer Goods in India vs. China

When it comes to choosing the best overseas manufacturer in Asia, two of the most common places for manufacturing are India and China. Both countries have very dynamic manufacturing capabilities and unique economic landscapes with proven skills, strengths and weaknesses that make both countries viable choices. However, it is imperative to weigh your choices carefully by considering specific external factors that will have an impact on your supply chain.

First, let’s review the economic landscape in India and China followed by five key factors that influence manufacturing in these two countries. Continue reading Manufacturing Consumer Goods in India vs. China

China & US Trade War – The Tariff Timeline (2018)

January 2018

President Trump approved a 30% tariff on solar panels and a 20% tariff on washing machines.


The United States Commerce Department had announced several ideas to fight China’s undesired trade practices, including a 24% tariff on all steel imports and 7.7 percent on aluminum. Continue reading China & US Trade War – The Tariff Timeline (2018)