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Industrial Design, DFM & Prototyping

Genimex’s in-house design and mechanical engineering teams design custom products for large brands as well as Kickstarter startups. Our expertise in manufacturing in China and use of materials will enable our clients create the best products on the market.

From sketches to technical CAD drawings, we’d love to bring your product concept to market.

A great idea starts with a single vision.

It’s our job to help make it a reality with an experienced team of developers, engineers, industrial pros and graphic designers. Collaboration is key in guiding our process from start to finish, so bring us your design and we’ll bring our expertise and experience to the table to fully develop and optimize it with cost effective materials and processes.

  • “The Fresh Air Odor Free Compost Collector from Full Circle Home co-developed with Genimex was given the Product Design Red Dot: Best of the Best for highest quality and groundbreaking design.

    “A panel comprised of 40 design experts reviewed and tested more than 1,186 applications from manufacturers, designers and architects from 53 nations; making the Red Dot one of the biggest and most prestigious design awards worldwide.”

Genimex strives for innovation keeping quality & final cost in mind

Our engineering and manufacturing specialists provide clear and concise functional, material and aesthetic recommendations to create products and systems that optimize our clients’ requirements. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) We help identify potential flaws in the design phase and address them there, thus reducing potential costs linked to material, labor and any overhead. The process helps in shortening the product development cycle as it causes improvement in the final product while reducing costs. Products manufactured with design for manufacturing techniques tend to be more reliable and of higher quality. At Genimex, we understand this and apply this process to every product development project we handle.


Genimex provides complete design and prototyping services. Our engineers have years of experience manufacturing in China and can help you evolve your design for quality and cost efficient manufacture, using 3D printing and modeling software. We improve prototypes until their design and functional performance meet your requirements.

Our local engineering team can respond quickly to your specific needs and open new tooling in China on your behalf thus making sure quality standards are met.


How we can help:

  • • Industrial design
  • • Material investigation
  • • Engineering
  • • 3D modeling
  • • 2D drafting
  • • Prototyping
  • • Packaging
  • • Design for Manufacture (DFM)
  • • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • • Market research