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Manufacturing & Quality Control

Reducing costs & risk while improving quality

We understand that every business has different priorities, and one thing is undeniable: our clients want quality products delivered on time, with decreased risk at a competitive cost. That’s why we have worked for over 40 years to build a world-class network of manufacturers across multiple categories.

Our clients depend on us to deliver quality products

Genimex has worked since 1974 to build a trusted network of manufacturers and has the experience to vet new factories if we don’t have the perfect match for your product among it. Your dedicated account manager will research and identify the best manufacturing providers taking into consideration Genimex’s history with them, quality, capability, capacity, price, terms and lead times. Once this step completed we negotiate with the selected partner(s) on your behalf for the best pricing/terms.

Visit factories in China

We value transparency; that is why, although not required, we encourage you to come visit the potential suppliers and factories that Genimex’s quality control team will have pre-selected to produce your products before committing to any sample or test orders. Some clients visit their factories on an annual basis where they are able to see most of the supplier’s line and products.

Competitive pricing means nothing without dependable & safe goods.

You remain in full control of your product with feet on the ground through Genimex. Whether it’s finding the perfect environmentally-conscious partner or personally inspecting every batch of goods you order, our team will go one step further to ensure your expectations are met. We ensure shipments are free of physical and functional defects by conducting in-process in addition to final product inspections. Detailed quality control criteria are jointly listed by Genimex and your team to ensure satisfaction. Genimex is committed to meet all quality control requirements of our customers while always looking for continuous quality improvement as well as cost effectiveness.


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