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We work with multi-national corporations seeking large-scale purchasing programs as well as those with product concepts that need development. We see every relationship as the opportunity to improve, investing in new technologies and optimizing processes to deliver high quality at a low cost.

Genimex’s team will work with you to achieve goals such as finding the right product and/or manufacturing at a reasonable price or providing custom design and engineering support. We combine time-honored approaches with cutting-edge techniques, bringing a Western approach to the Chinese market to ensure success for both our vendors and customers while reducing risk.

Working with our experts in product engineering and manufacturing in China, will allow your team to focus on what you do best – product development, marketing and sales.

While the potential cost savings of doing business in China are great, being successful requires strong relationships with partner suppliers and factories. With over 40 years of experience designing, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and shipping products in China, Genimex can offer product design, engineering and OEM support that most companies would struggle to manage on their own in an efficient, cost-effective and risk-free manner. Genimex is your team on the ground in China, working full-time to achieve the best price, quality, and turnaround time you need.

Many companies have increased their quality as well as their profitability by moving their production to China. But, is it for you?

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